The “Ramones” Collection

 The Ramones Collection draws its inspiration and fearless attitude from the iconic punk rock band The Ramones. This collection epitomizes boldness and sexiness through its edgy designs and rebellious aesthetic. Just like the band who redefined rock music in the 1970s, this line disrupts conventional norms and embraces a fearless attitude. It’s about pushing the envelope, overstepping boundaries and being unabashedly yourself. Slip into your own Blitzkreig Bop with our body-hugging buttery half moon bag. Flawlessly handmade with premium leathers, luxury zippers, and micro suede lining.


- Premium Leathers

- Leather Appliqués

- Luxury Zippers Fastening 

- Interior Pocket with Zipper

- Micro Suede Liner

- Metal Hardware

- Adjustable Leather Strap

- Made in the USA



Width: 15”

Tall: 9”

Depth: 3”

Leather Strap: Adjustable from 26“-36”


Natural variations in the leather make each item unique. The item you receive may vary slightly from the picture.